Potential Partners

Healthier Together Oregon is our 2020- 2024 State Health Improvement Plan. It names strategies to address different social issues that affect health.

These include:

  • Equity and justice
  • Economic security
  • Housing
  • Food
  • Health care and mental health treatment access

We are just getting started in this effort. We know that many regional and community-based organizations are already doing awesome work to support their local communities.

The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) would like to connect with your organization. The purpose is to find shared goals. It is also to connect you with other Healthier Together Oregon partners.

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Possible benefits of becoming involved:

  • Connect with others doing similar work to advance policy
  • Meet work or grant commitments
  • Expand reach of programs
  • Learn about your local health improvement plan
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  • A local group of professionals having a meeting at a coffee shop
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We Welcome You

Healthier Together Oregon welcomes partners from many different sectors. These include:

Elected officials

Community-based organizations

Housing and transportation agencies

Faith-based organizations

Criminal justice and law enforcement

State agencies

Local and tribal public health


Federally Qualified Health Centers


Coordinated Care Organizations


Community Advisory Councils


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Partnership in Healthier Together Oregon could include these actions:

  • Champion or implement a strategy or activity
  • Align your organization’s strategic plan or funding
  • Advance policy in your community
  • Help to communicate about this work
  • Form or join a coalition
  • Share data

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Partner Spotlight

Perinatal Care Continuum Central Oregon
dentist with a child patient

Perinatal Care Continuum Central Oregon – Cross sector partnerships for improved birth outcomes

Healthy birth outcomes are linked to being able to access engaged and validating prenatal health care early in the pregnancy. This is very important for African American and American Indian/Alaska Native parents. This is because these parents experience greater health risks during pregnancy due to the physical toll of racism and poorer birth outcomes.

The Perinatal Care Continuum of Central Oregon is a model of partnerships across different sectors. Their goal is to improve the health of parents and babies.

The program helps pregnant parents:

  • Get enrolled in the Oregon Health Plan and find a provider
  • Sign up for WIC for food support
  • Access transportation to appointments
  • Get help with other support services

Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board (NPAIHB) – Dental health aide therapists as an alternative healthcare delivery model

More than one million people in Oregon live in areas with a shortage of dentists. Since 2016, NPAIHB has been working on a pilot to expand access to dental care. This pilot creates a new kind of provider that has been trained as a dental hygienist. But they can also do some of the procedures that dentists perform.  Healthier Together Oregon plans to expand this model to increase access to dental health care in Oregon.